This is an incredible time to be at Renovation Church.  In the last year, we were able to purchase 6.53 acres of land near the SE corner of Lexington and 125th in Blaine.  On top of that, God has been adding to our numbers at an unprecedented rate for us.  In fact, 25% of you weren’t even here 12 months ago!  That’s remarkable!  It’s been an amazing year of ministry as we’ve seen well over 100 commitments to Christ, and we have been growing at 30%.  

Yet, with all of that growth comes challenges.  It’s not an exact science, but we feel it would be incredibly difficult to grow beyond an average of 800 people at Northpoint.  We’ve currently been growing at 30% for the past year, but even at 25% growth (see chart based on 25% future growth), that doesn’t give us much more room to grow at Northpoint Elementary.

And yet, we know that in the last 3 years, God provided in ways that none of us anticipated. Now we have an amazing opportunity to honor His faithfulness and carry forward with the vision to build a church home on our newly acquired land. We want to continue to Amplify the impact that God makes through us, and to reap the Harvest that He has so clearly shown us.

For more info: Read our entire booklet about Harvest

our goal

Our Renovation Church Building Team, in conjunction with our Architects (Cuningham Group) and our General Contractor (Watson-Forsberg) have estimated that a 25,000 square foot building (Phase 1) will cost us somewhere in the range of 5 million to 5.5 million dollars.  

 Our goal is for the people of Renovation Church to raise 1.1 million dollars together over the next three years.  We will need approximately 1 million dollars in a down payment to start construction on a five million dollar building. 1.1 million dollars is a lot of money.  In fact, it’s more than twice the amount of money we set out to raise just 3 years ago during our land project.  And yet, we haven’t doubled as a church since then (we’ve grown by 60%).  If this is going to happen, God will have to move through us.  

how is this possible?

How is it going to be possible for a church of our size to raise $1,100,000 over three years in addition to what’s given to our General Fund? How is that even mathematically possible?  Because we all have unique giving capabilities, we cannot simply divide the total needed by the number of families in our church to determine an “average” gift. The following is a model of the distribution of gifts that it will take for us to raise a total of 1.1 million dollars.  The chart below has many different levels of giving, with multiple givers needed at almost every level!

pledge online

We will unveil the ability to make your pledge online as we get into the early weeks of November.  

Stay tuned!